VR Hockey Training

VR Hockey Training

The VirtualZone is bringing VR Hockey Training to Pictou County!

The Benefits of
VR Hockey Training

Sports Training Like NEVER Before

Reading the game & players

Improve peripheral vision, see all players on the ice, look for open lanes, recognize details in the game, and improve time movement anticipation

Reaction and reflex orientation

Speed up reaction and release time, improve spatial orientation, verbal communication and mainly - make the right decisions.

Skills honing & injury recovery

Post-injury rehabilitation can be facilitated with VR Hockey Training, enabling a safe return to play.

Virtual Reality Hockey Training with Virtual Zone is an off-ice, in-game simulation that plays a huge role in honing a players’ Read/React cognitive capabilities and ultimately their performance.

We will soon be offering both 30 and 60 minute simulation slots for this exclusive Hockey Training software. Click to watch the demo videos below and scroll down to read more about this training for your team, yourself or just for fun.


The Future of Hockey Training

“When we saw it, we said ‘This would be unbelievable to have for two things: One, for the advanced hockey player that’s really looking to sharpen their skills,” “And also for a fan experience thing. So someone who has never been on the ice (could see) the appeal of having the stick in their hands and what it feels like.”

Brian Killingsworth – Golden Knights CMO to Forbes Magazine

Open Daily
Mon-Fri: 4PM – 8PM
Sat-Sun: 12PM – 7PM

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